Our CommunitiesWe have the breadth of experience to properly manage assets from Value Oriented to Luxury Upscale communities from Turn Around Projects to New Development and Stabilization.

Tailored to Each Community

We take time to understand the make-up of the community and its role in the surrounding area and tailor it’s operation accordingly. There is a saying in the business that states: as the office makeup goes so goes the makeup of the community. We take time to match the right staff with the right personality of the community.
Stratford Park Apartment HomesDelaware, OH

80 1 and 2 Bedroom Garden Apartments

8.1 acres

Built in 2000

The Cove at Cooper LakesWesterville, OH

240 1 and 2 bedroom garden apartments

21 acres, 3 large ponds

Built in 1998

Chantry Village Apartment HomesColumbus, OH

240 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Garden and Townhome Apartments

20 acres, 2 large ponds

Built in 2006

Charter Club ApartmentsLondon, OH

80 1 and 2, Bedroom Garden Apartments

10 acres

Built in 1999

Sheffield Manor Apartment HomesLondon, OH

56 1 and 2 Bedroom Garden Apartments

6.55 acres

Built in 1998